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  • On some developments the purchasers are tied in to a contract for the private maintenance of grassed area's etc, such as at Nocton where the responsibility of the maintenance shall be handed over to Nocton Management Company to guarantee that the grassed area's (verges, playing field etc) are always maintained to complement the standard of the houses, with a £100 index linked yearly contribution, but each site differs.
  • If the client has installed feature wooden floors themselves, they must ensure careful protection through out the construction of the house, we take no responsibility for any damage caused or for there removal or reinstatement if required for repairs or maintenance.
  • Vehicles are to be parked in your own garage or driveway, not left on the road or under no circumstances parked on any shared drive.
  • Due to the inevitable shrinkage of new timber work, we do not recommend ceramic tiling on wooden floors which may crack.
  • When first moving into any new home, the higher the room temperature the heating is run, the more shrinkage will occur, the heating system is designed to be run constantly at a lower temperature, which is more comfortable and consistent for the property and efficient.
  • Occasionally clients are required to sign a letter of confirmation to exclude boundary walls, landscaping, floor finishes (wooden flooring & tiling etc) and wood burning stoves/fireplace hoods & appliances etc from the NHBC final certificate.
  • All sizes to be checked on site, we do not guarantee exact dimensions as specified on any details.
  • TV aerials must be fitted within the loft space.
  • We can not guarantee against shrinkage or warping of doors, floors, and timberwork etc, made up of natural materials.
  • Carpet fitters are responsible for the planeing and rehanging of doors to suit the new carpets.
  • After around 6 months (at your convenience during normal working hours) we return and carry out remedial snagging, easing doors fill and redecorate main shrinkage cracks etc. You must ensure the protection of coverings etc.
  • Once you have paid your deposit If the specification or design is altered to your specific requirements and you then fail to complete, you shall be held fully liable for the cost of the alterations or amendments.
  • We recommend that side gates are always securely shut and bolted to reduce warping and wind damage.
  • Some panes of glass may be scratched during the building process.
  • Care must be taken not to trap fingers between double doors/knobs.
  • All goods remain the property of Peter Sowerby Homes, until payment in full; any extra's to be paid 7 days from receipt of an invoice/statement, not to be with held subject to completion of any outstanding items or completion of works.
  • We reserve the right to alter the standard specification prior to agreement.
  • Standard restrictive covenants are included in all contracts (eg no planting of conifers/leylandi, storage of caravans & boats, keeping of live stock, alterations or extensions) to protect the owners from anything that could adversely effect there own property or street. Consent for acceptable requests are freely and not unreasonably given.